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Scrubs need not be limited, we offer a wide range of scrubs, scrub tops, scrub pants and scrub sets in a broad range of colors and styles.
We supply scrubs that are meant to be functional and appealing on the eye. In addition to such widely accepted colors as blue and green, we offer a broad range of colors and patterns designed to be functional and attractive.
The scrubs we offer are in a variety of easy-breathing fabrics; both tops and pants are cut for comfort and mobility.
Choosing a set of scrubs is not always easy, however, the best way is to choose the scrub top and then choose the scrub pants. Bearing in mind that when matching a scrub top and a scrub pants of a different type of material, i.e. cotton scrub top and poly cotton scrub pants, you will see a difference in colour, even from the same manufacturer. This is due to the density of the material.
Mixing and matching color scrub top prints and plain scrub pants is an easy way to create variety.

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